Suzanne Günther grew up in Wichita, Kansas.  After leaving home at 18 she moved to New York in the mid 80’s.  Since then she has traveled extensively across the United States, living briefly in Alaska, Miami Beach, Oregon and Colorado.  She moved to Germany in 2007 and shoots extensively across Western Europe as well as in Kansas City.

About Suzanne Günther’s Photos:

Live Music, Social Commentary and Street Portraiture are all key elements of her candid black&white photography. The absence of colour, save blue toning, strips these images down to raw emotion bathed in shadow and light.  People lost in thought, musicians sheathed in sweat, intimate moments left unguarded in public settings.

BeatmanBackstage2.jpg BeatmanScream.jpg cassolada.jpg chair.jpg DrumNun.jpg ElvisCostello.jpg GrannyChupa.jpg hedoluxe.jpg icegirl.jpg moroso.jpg OldShoppingBag.jpg Playboy.jpg bananarchy.jpg pointilism.jpg selfportraitprague.jpg thejoint.jpg